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Host a meet and greet

Learn more about hosting a meet and greet at your home to help introduce Judge Grady to all your friends, family and neighbors.



Learn more about becoming a neighborhood captain and help by talking to friends and family in your own back yard. 

Learn more about how you can help the campaign by reaching out to identified voters by phone and ask for their support.

phone banking

voter contact

grassroots mail

Learn more about sending personalized handwritten postcards to identified voters, friends, family & neighbors.

write a letter to the editor

Learn more about how to write a letter to the editor in support of Judge Grady and promote the   re-election campaign.

put a sign in your yard

Request a sign to be put out in your yard to let your friends, family and neighbors know who you support in the election. 

Learn more about joining Judge Grady's re-election campaign and assist with items such as event planning and fundraising.

Join the campaign committee

become a

team leader

Learn more about how you can lead a team of volunteers and help coordinate a neighborhood canvassing program.

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