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Texas Civil Justice League PAC Endorses Patricia Grady for 212th District Court

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Civil Justice League PAC (TCJL PAC) today endorsed attorney Patricia Grady in the Republican primary for the 212th District in Galveston.

“Pat Grady has outstanding qualifications and deserves election to the district court bench,” John Fainter, TCJL Chairman, said. “She brings to the 212th District Court a broad background of experience in civil trial practice, as well as a long history of community involvement in Galveston.”

A graduate of the University of Houston Law Center, Grady has more than twenty years of experience in both criminal and civil law practice in Galveston and Harris County for more than two decades. She served as legal liaison for Galveston County Judge Mark Henry and was appointed by the Galveston County Judiciary to serve as a substitute Juvenile Referee, presiding over criminal matters.

“We believe that judges should be fair, impartial, and non-partisan in the application of the law,” said Carol Sims, TCJL PAC Treasurer. “In this election, Galveston County voters have a clear choice, and that choice is Pat Grady.”

For more information about judicial races in Texas, visit, a TCJL website that provides information about the state’s judicial system and candidates running in judicial races.

About the Texas Civil Justice League:

Founded in 1986, the Texas Civil Justice League (TCJL) advocates for a fair and balanced judicial system in Texas. The Austin-based group is the oldest and largest state legal reform organization in the nation, with membership comprised of corporate businesses, law firms, professional and trade associations, health care providers and individual citizens.

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